Catenis Flow 3.0.2 supports off-chain transaction messages, SegWit and drag-and-drop capabilities.

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Made by a passionate group of bitcoin enthusiasts and engineers who care about what you achieve. That’s why the Catenis platform is exciting and easy for even non-engineers to create powerful experiences.

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Using 2nd layer technology and the bitcoin blockchain we created APIs, drag and drop tools and powerful WordPress widgets, which changes the way you integrate your existing apps and create new ones.

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Build prototypes and test your solutions in real-time. No need for expensive coders. Easily assemble your apps or if you are a developer, use the language of your choice. No need to hire expensive engineers.

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Design In Minutes


Harness the unprecedented power of Catenis Flow. Build smart contracts, send decentralized messages, log documents, music (MP3), and movies (MP4) of any size, all with low-code workflow assembly. After assembled and tested, single click deployments will produce clean Node.js code that can be used in any application. learn more

Web applications


With the Catenis API client plugin for WordPress, you can quickly build apps with Bitcoin blockchain capabilities. Using only JavaScript snippets, you’ll have connectivity in minutes. With the Catenis JavaScript plugin for WordPress, the power of the Bitcoin blockchain is now made easy for app-based interfaces. Today, 39% of the Internet uses WordPress (28% of all e-commerce), and WordPress powers 80+ million sites and apps. Now you can easily integrate WordPress with the Bitcoin blockchain


Easily Assemble


Catenis Blocks ushers in unprecedented capability, connectivity to the Bitcoin blockchain with prebuilt Gutenberg Blocks. Assemble your app with these existing WordPress Gutenberg Blocks and perform Bitcoin blockchain integration with 10 different Catenis powered blocks. The future is here and now.


Power with total flexibility

Catenis’ robust APIs ensure there is ZERO BACKEND DEVELOPMENT required for Bitcoin blockchain integration. Our frontend tools provide all the flexibility you need. Want complete flexibility? Use the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) you love and the language you are most comfortable with. We understand, sometimes you want to know you’re never locked into any tools.

We know you have questions


Catenis uses the premiere, proven, and most secure blockchain in the world, The Bitcoin blockchain. We don't have our own blockchain. Catenis, is a second layer technology that allows you to take advantage of the global Bitcoin blockchain while enhancing its capabilities.

Catenis transactions (we call them messages) all occurs in real time so it is lightning fast. We have developed a second layer technology that allows any content to be transmitted globally at the blink of an eye. It uses the Bitcoin blockchain and all of its facilities so ultimately all messages are anchored as bitcoin transactions on the blockchain.  We just abstract out all the messy difficult stuff so you can build apps fast. 

No, your content is never public and always encrypted. The only thing stored on the bitcoin blockchain is the hash of the encrypted data. Catenis defaults to automatically AES encrypting all content while using perfect forward secrecy for every message thread. You have the option to send unencrypted content at will.  You can read more about our message encryption here.

You never have a need to buy, use, hold, or store bitcoins. Catenis uses a complete non-custodial system via what is called the Catenis Credits. These credits are encoded on the Bitcoin blockchain and as you use our services we charge only for transactions that incur a bitcoin fee. Our second layer transaction messages (off-chain message) are on average $0.025 (two and a half US cents).  Usage fees come from your Catenis Credit account. Catenis Credits can be purchased with a credit or debit card.

Catenis defaults to using IPFS which is an industry proven decentralized file storage solution for all content which is above 75 bytes. All content is encrypted with military grade encryption.  If you require a different storage location contact us and our professional services team can build integration into 3rd party content management systems.

The starter subscription plan comes with all of the power of all of our other plans, the only difference is it uses bitcoin's testnet blockchain for you to build and test applications. It is best to begin with the starter plan, then when you are ready, purchase any of the production plans to deploy your app to the bitcoin mainnet blockchain. 

Catenis transaction messages default to using off-chain layer 2 technology.  They are real time transaction messages and are eventually logged to the blockchain via a single bitcoin transaction in aggregate.  This allows us to achieve high throughput while inexpensive transaction messages are still verifiable via the bitcoin blockchain.  We also support standard bitcoin transaction messages but recommend always using our off-chain second layer technology.

We believe after you start using Catenis you will realize private blockchains are a thing of the past. Private blockchains are riddled with trust issues and lack of transparency. Catenis' 2nd layer technology not only allows you to encrypt all your content but it also includes a permission layer that can be set to allow or deny which apps or devices can communicate and access transmitted content. All transaction messages are represented by bitcoin addresses and verifiable on the bitcoin blockchain.  You can read more about our permission model here.

Catenis does not suffer from language limitations. We provide very robust low code drag-and-drop tools and prebuilt blocks for WordPress. Applications can be built using any language you or your engineers feel comfortable with.  You can even use compiled languages such as C or C++ to protect your intellectual property.

You can build an application from scratch or integrate an existing application with the Bitcoin blockchain.  Any application that is being built today on proprietary blockchains can be built using Catenis and leverage the Bitcoin blockchain. From sending content of any size, to logging data for supply chains or medical applications, Catenis has you covered. We do not support applications that require the transmission or receipt of bitcoins.

With Catenis you can prototype rapidly and test your applications with powerful drag and drop tools.  You also never need to incur risks by buying or holding bitcoin. You get all of the advantages of using the bitcoin blockchain while gaining enhanced functionality with the power of Catenis. Catenis provides many facilities across its second layer technology that the bitcoin blockchain lacks such as a security, permission model, notification layer, encryption, speed and lower message transaction costs.


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