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Why Catenis Enterprise™ Is The Smart Choice For Your Blockchain Solution Development Platform:

  • Bitcoin blockchain is proven, reliable, and secure
  • Our simple Web API's offer faster development and deployment
  • Flexible and powerful platform lowers cost

Rapidly Build Cost Saving, Disruptive, Decentralized Enterprise Applications:

  • Simplify complexity of handling crypto currency
  • Support fast peer-to-peer encrypted tunnel messaging with large data transmission
  • Provide digital asset and endpoint provisioning with auditing control of occurrence across all endpoints
  • Create robust smart contracts with mature development languages run at the edge of the network for optimal speed, performance and security

Catenis Enterprise™ Addresses Real World Problems:

  • Data gathering and intelligence is growing exponentially at the edges of our global networks
  • Hacking, security breaches and fraud are leading to a growing lack of trust between endpoints on our global Internet of Things
  • Concentration of cloud resources invites central point of failure vulnerabilities for points of attack

Proven, Secure, Peer-To-Peer, Global Transaction Infrastructure:

  • Global peer-to-peer messaging and digital asset transmission
  • Radical scalability using the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Cryptographically secured authentication
  • Encrypted messages with transaction auditing
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What You Can Do

Decentralized App and Device Connectivity
Build apps and enable devices with Peer-to-Peer resilience, eliminating central failure points for Smart Factories, eHealth Care, Smart Energy Grids, Smart Cities, and more...
Anti-Fraud, Compliance, Auditing
Provide Proof of Origin, Provenance, Attestation, and Chain of Custody for Supply Chains, Digital Advertising, Records Management, Pharmaceuticals, and more...
Smart Assets, tokens, Hardware As A Service
Enable next-gen application features. Issue, send, and react to assets between hardware and software. Intelligent agent/contracts, smart properties, and more...
Cryptographic secure message tunnels, permissioning layers and radical scalability for Connected Systems, Frimware Updates, Smart-Asset Transmission, & more...
Product DetailS

Our Team

Andre De Castro CEO
Andre De Castro
Founder & CEO

Andre De Castro is the CEO & Founder of Blockchain of Things, Inc. He is a long-time crypto currency specialist who has an expert’s insight as to the field’s potential and is working towards making that potential a reality. Andre has been an active participant in the Bitcoin community and industry since 2010

His experience includes being a software developer, investor, trader, advisor, and U.S. policy influencer. Andre is also an avid public speaker and panelist for financial and technology events including: GE Global Research, Perkins Coie, Wedbush, and the NY Bitcoin Center. His early grasp of the unrealized potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize multiple sectors of industry led him to found the Blockchain of Things in 2014 and drive the development of the Catenis Enterprise™ platform. Andre graduated with honors from the State University of New York at Stonybrook, earning a B.S. in Computer Science, with concentration in artificial intelligence. A prolific inventor, he is the holder of two U.S. Patents that streamlines the installation of electronic products in automotive circuits

Andre De Castro CEO
Sergio Fabossi
LATAM - VP Business Development

Sergio Fabossi is the VP of Business Development for Blockchain of Things, Inc. He is responsible for channel sales in both Latin America and Europe, guiding the company with its reseller strategy. Mr. Fabossi’s expertise lies in assisting startups with their global market revenue growth.

Mr. Fabossi has successfully represented Fineground Networks, Mushroom Networks, A10 Networks, Zenprise with a focus on security systems, network protection, and mobile device management. As an entrepreneur, in 2007, Sergio founded Akcela in São Paulo, Brazil. Akcela has won numerous awards and recognition from U.S. based software and hardware companies including Citrix Systems. Akcela’s clients include Bradesco, Ascenty, UOLDiveo, and C&A along with other banks, retail conglomerates, and IT outsourcing. Sergio is a multilingual enthusiast, fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish and is also studying French and Italian. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the Catholic University of São Paulo.

Andre De Castro CEO
Brittney Gates
Social Media

Brittney Gates is the social media expert for Blockchain of Things, Inc. and a distinguished board member. She is responsible for media content and event coordination. Her involvement in the virtual currency and blockchain arena began in 2013

Brittney was a member of the very popular group, Bitcoin NYC. As well, she spent much of her time from 2012-2014 building and repairing mining rigs, and mining virtual currency herself. Currently, she is the research technologist for 16-year-old, New York City-based software company, Brittney graduated from Washington state's Whatcom College in 2006. She went on to join the US Army in 2009, assigned to the Corps of Engineers as a combat electrical technician. After 4 years of service, she left the military and continued her education, taking independent courses in online/inbound marketing and analytics, as well as computer science.

Andre De Castro CEO
Claudio Sa de Castro

Cláudio Sá de Castro is a Co-Founder & Chief Scientist of Blockchain of Things, Inc., where he is the team’s passionate software developer responsible for the development of the Catenis Enterprise™ advanced technology stack

In 1994, Cláudio joined one of Xerox’s global software development centers, located in Brazil, starting as a Systems Software Developer and later becoming a Lead Engineer and then a Project Manager. Shifting to web development during the rise of the “ era”, he joined a local startup Internet company, and has been involved with Web software development ever since. Cláudio started working with the Salesforce CRM System in 2004, first as a Project Manager for Salesforce implementations, and then as an architect and software developer for Salesforce’s platform. Today, Cláudio runs his own company, Híades Tecnologia Ltda, where he provides information technology consulting services focused primarily on software development. He obtained his bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering from the Military Institute of Engineering, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1985, and since then has focused on microcomputers and low-level software development.

Andre De Castro CEO
Deborah de Castro
CFO/VP Operations

Deborah de Castro is a Co-Founder & CFO/VP of Operations of Blockchain of Things, Inc. Deborah is responsible for the development of corporate strategies and establishing the leadership path of the business operational processes.

She is actively involved with the overall efforts of establishing company policy and structure to position it as a market leader in the Industrial Internet of Things space, as well as actively contributing to the bottom line growth of this fast growing organization. She is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of international and domestic experience in Fortune 500 companies such as IBM-USA/Brazil, Bechtel, and The Clorox Company International. Her expertise in early stage growth, competitive analysis, strategic planning, and collaboration is vital to the company as it develops and begins to explore investment opportunities. Deborah has undergraduate degrees in both Business Administration and Oral Communication from Long Island University, NY. She holds a MBA from Nova Southeastern University, FL, and is a Chaplain in the State of Florida. Born with a philanthropist heart, Ms. DeCastro also Founded “Feed The Future Foundation” a non-profit charity that has helped feed over 185 children from poverty stricken communities in South America.

Andre De Castro CEO
Dr. Jasmin Cowin
Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor

Dr. Cowin is the President of the Rotary Club of New York and a distinguished, bilingual education professional with extensive teaching, e-learning and technology background. She believes in high ethical standards in personal life and business, the recognition of the worthiness of all productive occupations, and the dignifying of each person's occupation as an opportunity to serve society.

She holds impeccable academic credentials as a Fulbright Scholar with two Masters Degrees and a Doctor of Education from Teachers College/Columbia University. As the President of the Rotary Club of New York, Chief Marketing Officer of PeopleMovers® and former faculty, she brings over 25 five years of experience as an educator, tech innovator, entrepreneur and institutional leader in the areas of financial stewardship, governance, marketing, teaching and implementation of strategic partnerships. The principles of growth, differentiation, and adaptation guide her professional life. As a connector, she displays stamina, the ability to listen and reflect, diplomacy and a lifelong passion for education as the path to personal empowerment.

Andre De Castro CEO
Kate Luckett
Investor / Advisor

Kate Luckett is an investor in Blockchain of Things, Inc. and a distinguished board member. She has over 20 years of experience in Enterprise Software Sales, specializing in Compliance, Risk, and Legal for highly regulated industries. 

As a dynamic sales executive working with a wide variety of software and technology firms, she has been instrumental in driving revenue growth and expansion. Her career spans both startups and rapid growth divisions of fortune 500 companies. Creating and thriving in fast-pace environments with aggressive goals and impressive results, Ms. Luckett has held strategic positions at Plumtree Software, Orchestria / CA Technologies, PSS Systems / IBM, Actiance, Inc., and most recently at Jobvite.

Andre De Castro CEO
Markswell H. Coelho
Country Manager Brazil

Max is a Brazil's Country Manager for Blockchain Of Things, Inc. For the past 12+ years, he has been directing
technology and business operations and leading business development
initiatives, most notably with customers in the banking, payment solutions, and
financial services vertical.

Former GM for a mobility
solutions group of companies and Country Manager for Arista Networks. Max has
worked with leading global companies and niche market players, including:
Oracle, Arista Networks, Cielo, Contax, LATAM Airlines and Grupo DUX Companies
(Move Mais, BRid, 9i). Avid entrepreneur he is totally engaged into Latin
America largest startup ecosystem.

Max holds an Executive MBA from Insper and he completed the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program
on Leading Professional Service Firms. He is a Certified Master Coach with the
Brazil Society of Coaching.

Andre De Castro CEO
Seongun Si
Software Engineer

Seongun is a software engineer and a UX/UI developer at Blockchain of Things, Inc. As a cybersecurity specialist and a blockchain enthusiast, Seongun has a wide range of computational science skills ranging from PRNU based camera recognition to B2B e-commerce through smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Seongun received a four-year full scholarship at New York University Abu Dhabi, and lead a project on blockchain based home IoT security for his senior thesis

Andre De Castro CEO
Tarak Kadia
Financial Advisor

Tarak Kadia is a financial
advisor for Blockchain of Things, Inc. A bit of a renaissance man, his breadth
of experiences spans the fields of equity research, industrial supply, primary
school education, and cryptocurrency analysis.

He is a senior analyst at a
special situations equity research firm where he conducts investigative due
diligence and investment research on publicly traded companies in a variety of
industries. Prior to that, he was a member of the sales & operations management
team for a global industrial supply company, and worked as a corps member in
Teach for America, the national not-for-profit organization focused on serving underserved communities. Tarak earned his MBA from Columbia University, where he completed Columbia’s selective Value Investing
Program. He graduated magna cum laude from Yale with a B.A. in Economics, and
also studied internationally at the London School of Economics.

Andre De Castro CEO
Joe Hendrix
Business Development

Joe Hendrix has a background in financial markets & technology, he specializes in digital media, graphics, and cryptocurrency markets. A tech-savvy executive Joe's extensive experience in startups uniquely positions him in leading Business Development for Blockchain of Things, Inc.

After completing his studies in Mathematics & Economics at Baruch College Joe joined Precision Capital Management as an analyst for financial market analysis & trading. Later he would join Dendrytic Capital assisting with due diligence and advisement  His experience with real estate development &  private equity investment has brought him to NY from Silicon Valley where he was an avid sailor. Joe Hendrix enjoys the open seas, is a cognac connoisseur and a regular host at Chirp about it Radio.

Andre De Castro CEO
Michael Warren

Michael D Warren is a dynamic, forward-thinking sales executive with over twenty years of experience selling software, hardware, services into the Pharmaceutical industry with Nvidia & Intel Corporation. Specialties include Strategic Innovation Planning, Global IT Strategy, Enterprise Business Intelligence & streamlining R&D

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Blockchain of Things, Inc. is the leader in blockchain integration technology. Creating enterprise-class security infrastructure software leveraging the capabilities of a cryptographic blockchain using the Catenis Enterprise™ platform.

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