BCOT Tokens (Powering Catenis)

BCOT Tokens are used as independent programmable units of power that directly convert to Catenis Credits which power the virtual devices and ultimately the entire system. These security tokens can be independently purchased, held, traded, and used on Catenis. Using the administrative interface, the customer can send BCOT Tokens to their account and they will be converted on a one-to-one basis into Catenis Credits for their account. Each BCOT Token value is taken into account when calculating the amount of Catenis Credits required to pay for a given catenis service when that service is consumed.

Alternatively, you can purchase Catenis Credit Vouchers. They act similarly to traditional software license codes and represent an amount of credit in the system. See Catenis Credit Voucher section

Note: BCOT security tokens are independently traded and can be held if customers want to take the risk of holding a volatile security token. Holding these tokens can pose a monetary risk; however, they also provide additional functionality as they act as any other cryptocurrency tokens that are programmable, peer exchangeable, and tradable amongst crypto token holders.

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