The Catenis Admin Dashboard

Blockchain of Things, Inc. provides a layer 2 blockchain integration technology called Catenis. Catenis allows anyone to easily build and integrate applications, systems, and devices with the global Bitcoin blockchain.  When you activate your account you are provided with access to your Admin Dashboard. This dashboard allows you to create Virtual devices (connection endpoints), see the type of license you own, review off-chain and standard message cost, and a host of other administrative functions.  The Admin Dashboard is the first place you go to set up and get your API connectivity when you need to use any Blockchain of Things’ products such as the Catenis APIs, Catenis Flow, Catenis API Client for WordPress and Catenis Blocks.

The Dashboard

After you have received your account activation email and followed the procedure to activate and set up your account, you will be able to login to your account’s admin dashboard. Customers can access their account admin dashboard at for a developer/sandbox account or at for a production account. Below is an image of the Admin Dashboard when you first log in.

Catenis Admin Dashboard
Image of the User Administrative Dashboard

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