What is the Catenis API Client for WordPress?

It is common for individuals to want to quickly integrate with the Bitcoin blockchain through WordPress. Catenis makes this fast and simple via a client library called the Catenis APIs Client for WordPress. The Catenis API Client for WordPress allows anyone to write client-side JavaScript code and seamlessly connect to the Bitcoin blockchain using Catenis APIs.  It provides the capability to extend the functionality of your WordPress application to the bitcoin blockchain. The Catenis API Client for WordPress provides support for both single sites and multi-site WordPress installations. Blockchain of Things, Inc. also provides a set of Guttenberg Blocks for non-developers. However, if you want additional flexibility or nonstandard functionality, you may opt to quickly write some javascript code and use the Catenis API Client for WordPress. We ourselves use the Catenis API Client for WordPress when we build Catenis Blocks.

What is a client library?

A client library is a piece of computer code that application developers can utilize to simplify their development projects to interact with a set of APIs. To make it easier for developers to interact with the Catenis API and overcome the hurdles of authenticating each request, Blockchain of Things provides open-source client libraries for different programming languages and environments. The Catenis API Client for WordPress is a client library specifically for WordPress giving anyone the ability to write client-side Javascript code to interact with the Catenis APIs. It is packaged as a plugin with additional functionality so it can easily be enabled for specific pages or for an entire WordPress site.

Why do I need this plugin?

To be able to connect to the APIs, you need to do what is called synchronous cryptographic authentication using a proprietary HMAC-256 authentication scheme loosely based on the AWS web services authentication protocol. You can read more about it here 

To simplify authenticating to Catenis’s API’s, Blockchain of Things provides this plugin. In addition, authentication requires both a Device ID and its API Access Secret. Since Javascript is a client-side scripting language that is easily viewable, adding the credentials to your front end code is not wise.  The Catenis API’s client not only helps with authentication but also maintains the connectivity credentials server-side so you can write server-side javascript in confidence. The credentials used by this plugin can be acquired via the customer administrative account interface.

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