Catenis Credits

Catenis employs a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) abstraction layer, called the Catenis Service Credits technology, to power its products. This is further referenced in our documentation as “Catenis Credits”. Catenis Credits obfuscate the need for a customer to purchase, hold, store, and protect Bitcoins. Catenis Credits removes all liability and headaches from our customers so they can start building real-world apps with no concern about Bitcoin theft or costly Bitcoin custody solutions. This technological advancement leverages the globally decentralized blockchain to power the functionality of all Catenis virtual devices. Catenis Credits are encoded in the native input/output system of the blockchain, removing the need for a central database and thus eliminates any potential central points of failure. This allows virtual devices to trigger functionality independently and provides robustness on a global scale.

Service credits can be added to your account by purchasing them directly through Blockchain of Things, Inc. or by supplying your administrative interface with BCOT Tokens. See BCOT Tokens or Catenis Credit Vouchers

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