Catenis Enterprise

Unleash the Value of the World's Most Respected Blockchain
We believe people want to do business with a greater sense of trust and security

Secured Permissioned Layer on the Open Global Blockchain

Message and Smart-Asset Transference

IoT End-points are represented by secured blockchain addresses

Catenis Provides a flexible Permission Model:
   Allow / Deny global peer messaging across all devices
   Allow / Deny digital asset (tokens) transfer across all devices*
   Multi-level control; system wide, node (hub or gateway), client, and device level

Cryptographic confirmation and notifications when message are read

Cryptographically secured authentication down to the device level

End-to-End Auditing and control of all messages

A Robust Decentralized Architecture

Catenis leverages Bitcoin blockchain's peer-to-peer mesh architecture and eliminates IoT central points of failure and attack vectors

Web Services  Layer to Simplify Blockchain

RESTful API Allows For Fast Cost Effective Integration

Develop in any robust modern language (Javascript, C++, Python, Java, C# etc.)
No need for crypto scientists or blockchain expertise
No need for managing cryptographic asymmetric keys
No need to expose your IT team to the liability of handling cryptocurrency
Connect multi-vendor heterogeneous IoT solutions

Build DAPPS rapidly with existing resources

Catenis Smart-Assets for Smart Contracts

Smart Contract Functionality in Catenis Smart-Assets

Create, store, or transfer Smart-Assets (tokens with intelligence) across systems and devices
Smart-Assets can react to permissioned contract messages
Smart-Assets can trigger transmission of inteligent contract messages
Receipt of inteligent contract messages can issue or transfer smart assets
Smart-Assets Can Deliver the Actual Payload (stock certificate, house deed, or MP3 file)

Automate and unleashe the power of smart agents for your enterprise

unleashing the World's Most Secure Blockchain

Our 2nd layer tech leverages and enhances the worlds most secure and respected blockchain

Catenis allows data transmission of any size
Catenis allows data logging of any size
Catenis IoT messages are lightning fast
Catenis encrypts messages across all communicating channels
Catenis' flash networks will allow near-zero transaction costs*

The proven Production ready Blockchain for Todays Enterprise Companies

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about Us

Blockchain of Things, Inc. is the leader in blockchain integration technology. Creating enterprise-class security infrastructure software leveraging the capabilities of a cryptographic blockchain using the Catenis Enterprise™ platform.

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