Global Blockchain Integration
Now Accessible To Everyone

Made Easy

Release Announcement

Worlds Most Powerful Drag-N-Drop Assembly Pallet
for Tinkerers, Hobbyists, and Large Companies Alike

Wire enterprise grade Blockchain API’s
packaged in
drag and drop nodes

Build, deploy, and test business flows
with blockchain integration In days


The Full Power of Blockchain and Catenis Enterprise's APIs
with 230,000+ Prebuilt Industry Connectors

Unleash the power of enterprise systems such as SQL, Mongo DB, Sales Force, or social media platforms

Reduce your design and development phase by an average of 70% with integration efforts reduced to an average 85%

One-Click Deployment to Devices & Microprocessors Enable
Blockchain IoT Automation at Home, Office, or Enterprise

Optimized embedded code runs on edge devices
using low-cost hardware such as Raspberry Pi

Leverages the power of Catenis
and security of the Blockchain

Export and distribute Blockchain Flows in JSON Packages
for Simple Reuse or Global Distribution

Rapid deployment and distribution removes the costly complexities and allows quick iterations

Catenis married with the most popular Internet of Things building platform

With hundreds of Dashboard Components
Deliver and Monitor Your Data Across The Blockchain

Web based dashboards are a cinch to create
using hundreds of existing visual components

Provide a holistic view of all of your information from simple home monitoring to industrial systems

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about Us

Blockchain of Things, Inc. is the leader in blockchain integration technology. Creating enterprise-class security infrastructure software leveraging the capabilities of a cryptographic blockchain using the Catenis Enterprise™ platform.

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