Catenis Gateway

Note: The Catenis Gateway is completely distinct and separate hardware product and is still under development and testing at Blockchain of Things labs. There is no set date for sales and delivery at this time.

Similar to traditional IoT architecture, the decentralized Blockchain of Things, Inc. architecture is structured so that real-world devices and applications can use the local corporate intranet or home network to communicate via on-site gateways called the “Catenis Gateway”. However, unlike traditional IoT gateways, Catenis Gateways makes all applications and devices that use Catenis fully decentralized. They use the power of the Catenis software’s web services layer that manages communications across the blockchain and real-world applications and its corresponding virtual devices. In addition, each Catenis Gateway runs a full Bitcoin blockchain node (in pruned mode), which establishes its ability to communicate across the blockchain peer network and Catenis’ 2nd layer technology.

Note: Please refer to the gateways you own for their specific index number when setting Virtual Device permissions for your gateway.

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