Catenis Service Cost

Service costs are paid for by “Catenis Credits” each new subscription account comes with a certain amount of Catenis Credits. When an account needs additional Catenis Credits these can be pre-purchased at Catenis Credits are only required on a small number of API calls, which makes using Catenis attractive for our customers. As an example you may want to log a certificate or any provenance data to the Bitcoin blockchain, sending such a message only incurs a one-time de minimis fee, while reading and verifying the data for that message is free forever (never incurring Catenis Credit costs).  The majority of our services accessed through our APIs are always free, some of these include: reading messages, setting and looking up permissions, using notifications services, and so on. The per-service cost is very limited to only a handful of API calls (please see the service cost section). This makes Catenis an extremely cost-effective platform for our customers. Catenis off-chain messages are costs comparable to any API SMS messaging service. However, unlike SMS our messages are guaranteed, encrypted, blockchain logged, independently auditable, real-time, contain read confirmation, notification of receipts and more powerful than alternative systems.

Every Catenis Service that incurs a Bitcoin blockchain network fee has an equivalent Catenis service cost associated with it. These include:

  • Off-chain Message Logging
  • Standard Message Logging
  • Off-Chain Message Sending
  • Off-Chain Message Sending with Read Confirmation
  • Standard Message Sending with Read Confirmation
  • Issue Assets / Reissue Assets
  • Transfer Assets

However, not all API methods incur a cost, since they do not incur Bitcoin network fees.  Examples of such methods that do not incur a fee are: read message, list assets, retrieve message container, set permissions, etc. all methods not listed on the Service Cost page carry no additional cost. 

To access the Service Cost section click on the “Service Cost” link in the left nav and you will be presented with the Service Cost page, listing all Service Costs priced in Catenis Credits  (see figure 38).

This page will show the Catenis Credit price of the API methods (see figure 39). Standard service message and asset issuance/transmission prices are dynamic and vary based on the Bitcoin network fee market. We recommend always using off-chain messages as the pricing is always predictable and non-volatile.

*Prices on the image are examples and do not reflect the actual costs

Figure 38

By clicking on each individual service on this page you are presented with more information on the selected service (see figure 39) .

NOTE: When sending a standard message the prices are volatile and will change according to a few factors like the current Bitcoin and BCOT Token price and the Bitcoin transaction market fee. Sending standard messages is discouraged and provides very little benefit for most apps that use the Bitcoin blockchain. See Users Guide section titled “Confirmation Time and Service Level Agreement” here:

When clicking on each individual service the service cost specific page will list: 

  1. The description of the service 
  2. The service price in Bitcoin
  3. The USD price of Bitcoin at the time the service is used
  4. The USD price of a BCOT Token
  5. The exchange rate of one BCOT Token per Bitcoin 
  6. The Catenis Credits price.(see figure 39)
Figure 39

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