The Catenis Virtual Device

A Catenis Virtual Device is the logical entity [digital twins] that is represented by credentials that are used to interact with Catenis’s APIs. Sometimes simply referred to as the “device”, it is the digital twin typically used by a software application or physical device. When building an application all interactions with the Catenis API requires your virtual device(s) ID(s) along with an associated API Access Secret. Together, they form the credential pair to unlock access to the APIs. The combination of the two in conjunction with our HMAC-256 cryptographic authentication protocol allows you to interact with the Catenis API. The virtual device entity proxies all interactions with the blockchain. A Virtual device is represented as a unique ID, which is assigned by the system when one is created within the customers’ administrative account interface. These IDs directly represent the virtual device which in turn manages all interactions with the blockchain such as creating Bitcoin addresses, building transactions, paying network fees, encrypting content, handling message content transmission, and more.

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