Client Libraries - API Connectivity

A client library is a piece of computer code that application developers can utilize to simplify their development projects to interact with a set of APIs. To make it easier for developers to interact with the Catenis API and overcome the hurdles of authenticating each request, Blockchain of Things provides open-source client libraries for different programming languages and environments.

To be able to connect to the APIs, you need to do what is called synchronous cryptographic authentication using a proprietary HMAC-256 authentication scheme loosely based on the AWS web services authentication protocol. You can read more about it here. (this will link to our developer documentation)

To simplify authenticating to Catenis’s API’s, Blockchain of Things provides open-source client libraries. Client libraries are available in the following languages and products: Javascript, PHP, Node.js, Node-Red, and WordPress (as a plugin). This authentication helper library can be created for any modern programming language or product. Our open-source client libraries handle the complexities of the authentication handshake between the client and server communication, significantly simplifying connectivity for developers. Authentication requires both a Device ID and its API Access Secret. This can be gotten via the customer administrative account interface.

Catenis client open source libraries can be downloaded here

For detailed specifications on API connectivity and associated HMAC-256 protocol see the latest release of the Catenis developer documentation here:

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