Access Your Customer Account Information

After signing up and activating your account you will have your Administrative Dashboard with all of your client account information. When contacting customer service you will need to provide some of this information.

To access your account information navigate to your dashboard and log in.  On the upper right-hand side of the dashboard click on your Profile (see figure 4):

Click on “Profile” to see your account information and enable or disable your two-factor authentication (see section titled “Setup Two-Factor Authentication”)
Click on “Sign Out” to get signed out of your dashboard

Navigating to the “PROFILE” will display your client account information (see figure 5).

  1. Client Name – This is the name associated with your account
  2. Client ID – This Client ID is associated with all Catenis system interactions and is used in many API calls some examples include: Setting Permission Right, Listing Issued Assets, Listing owned Assets, etc.
  3. Account Number – This is your internal account numbers and you will be asked for this number when you contact customer service
  4. Username – This is the username that is required when you log into your dashboard with your credentials (alternatively you can use your email as the username)
  5. Contact Name – The contact person’s name associated with your Client account.
  6. Company Name – The company name associated with your account.
  7. Email – The email associated with your account
  8. Time Zone – The time zone setup for your account
  9. Two Factor Authentication – Enable and disable two Factor authentication (see “Setup Two-Factor Authentication” section for more information).
Figure 4
Figure 5

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