Catenis Environments & User Interface

Blockchain of Things employs two environments for its customers: the sandbox environment and the production environment. The sandbox and production environments are identical in functionality except the sandbox uses Bitcoin’s testnet network while the production uses Bitcoins’s mainnet network.

Developing on the live blockchain mainnet network that carries Bitcoins with real value is never wise. For this reason, developers use testnet. The testnet is an alternative Bitcoin blockchain, to be used for testing. Testnet coins are separate and distinct from actual Bitcoins and never have any value. This allows application developers or Bitcoin testers to experiment without having to use real Bitcoins or worrying about writing untested code on the production Bitcoin chain.

The Catenis API, Catenis Flow, and Catenis Blocks are all toolsets used to build apps or enable applications to take advantage of the global Bitcoin blockchain. The sandbox environment is designed for the customer to build and test their applications before migrating their work to the production environment.

Note: BCOT Security Tokens cannot be used directly to fund Catenis Credits on the sandbox environment.

After getting a Catenis account with Blockchain of Things you will have your user administrative interface to manage your account. This interface allows you to create your virtual devices, get your device’s API access secret, pay for services, get account billing reports, and more. Depending on what environment you are using, your user administrative interface can be found at either if you are using the sandbox environment or if you are using the production environment.

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