Ephemeral Tunnel Technology

Catenis employs an advanced technology akin to payment channels in Bitcoin/Lightning Network for securing communication channels across node communications. Every time Catenis is used to send a message to another Catenis application, the recipient virtual device generates a new Bitcoin public/private key to encrypt and decrypt the message. As such, when two applications repeatedly communicate with each other, each message transmission in that thread occurs between different pairs of Bitcoin addresses associated with the virtual device. While it is similar to a micropayment channel we refer to this as an Ephemeral Tunnel since the communication pathway (i.e. the specific pair of Bitcoin addresses) is constructed in real-time, encrypted, last for a blink of an eye, and is subsequently torn down never to be used again for transmission. This ensures Perfect Forward Secrecy encryption as messages travel through ephemeral tunnels that only exist for a blink of an eye. It also impedes unauthorized actors from conducting analytics to discover related messages.

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