How To Import a Node-RED Flow Using The Clipboard

One of the nicer aspects of Node-RED is the ability to create a flow, save it, and allows others to quickly import it.  Throughout our documentation we provide example flows that you can quickly import so you can test different aspects of the product’s functionality. The process of importing a flow is quick and simple.

  1. Copy the example flows provided to your computer’s clipboard (CTRL+C / CMD+C). Many sections of this guide contain examples of flows that can be imported
  2. On the Node-RED workspace click on the drop-down (hamburger) menu on the upper left-hand side of the dashboard
  3. Click on “Import”
  4. The import flow dialogue box will be displayed (see image below)
  5. Paste the flow you copied into the import box
  6. Click on the import button
  7. Click any location within the workspace to place the flow at that location
Image Description

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