Installing the Catenis Flow Pallet on Node-RED

After installing Node-RED, the user can install the Catenis Flow pallet onto Node-RED by following these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Node-RED interface (see figure 1)
  2. Click on the drop-down (hamburger) menu on the top right corner of the Node-RED interface
  3. Click manage palette
  4. Click the install tab
  5. Enter “catenis-flow” in the search bar
  6. Install the catenis-flow palette that shows up in the search bar by clicking on the install button on the right
  7. Once the palette is installed, you should see a confirmation listing all the Catenis nodes that have been installed
  8. Now close the manage palette panel and check if the “Catenis Flow” set of nodes appears on the left navbar. Node-RED will indicate that 30 Catenis Flow nodes have been installed however, only 29 Catenis Flow nodes will appear on the left navbar. The 30th node is a special type of node called a “Configuration Node” that is used to hold your virtual device credentials.
Node-RED Interface
Manage Palette - In Dropdown Menu
Install Palette Tab
Search for Catenis Flow Then Click Install
Install Success Screen
Catenis Palette of Nodes on Left Nav Bar

Once installed you are all set to move on to configuring your first virtual device on Catenis Flow and test connectivity.

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