Large Message handling (Content above 11.2 MB)

Catenis is not limited to any specific data content size and has the capability to handle large data content. However, messages above 11.2 MB (long video files, CAD files, etc.) are handled by using the message chunking capability of both the “send message” and “log message” methods. Each method allows a developer to send data chucks via the data parameter of the respective methods and monitors its progress via the continuationToken and isFinal parameters. In addition, one can use the final-msg-progress notification event to be notified when large file processing is completed or dynamically monitor the progress using the Retrieve Message Progress method.

Note: Both Catenis Blocks and Catenis Flow automatically perform large data handling on behalf of our customers as part of the toolset.

The completed file is then processed by the hub or gateway and handled as described in both the Sending Message and Logging Message sections of this document.

For detailed specifications on Large Data Handling API and associated method see the latest release of the Catenis developer documentation here:

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