Manage Your Catenis Licenses

To build a blockchain-enabled application or integrate existing applications with the Bitcoin blockchain one requires a Catenis product license. A development Catenis product license gives full access to our sandbox environment with two virtual devices and Catenis credits that use the Bitcoin Testnet blockchain. It is free. The sandbox is an environment were everyone initially develops an application before it is moved to the production environment and is ready to take advantage of Bitcoins Mainnet.  Product license is based on the number of virtual devices and/or a time span (ie, one or two years). This section demonstrates how to view your active license, expired licenses, or provisioned licenses for your account.

Admin Dashboard

The “License” link will navigate to the license information page. On the license information page the dashboard displays the type of Catenis licenses one has. It furthermore shows the start and end date of the licenses as well as its current status (see figure 19). 

There are three different license statuses:

  • Provisioned: Indicates that a license has been purchased, yet will only be active in a future date
  • Active: Indicates that a license is immediately available for the customer and the product can be used
  • Expired: Indicates that a license needs to be renewed for use
Figure 19

If there are expired licenses, their status will be set to “expired”. To display all expired licenses click the “Show Expired License” button (see figure 20).

Figure 20

New Catenis licenses can be purchased or existing licenses can be renewed  at

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