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The Catenis platform and its family of products run on what is called Catenis Service Credits.  Catenis’ off-chain message capabilities make us the leader in low-cost Bitcoin blockchain transactions. Catenis service credits are only required on a small number of API calls, which makes using Catenis attractive for our customers. As an example you may want to log a certificate or any provenance data to the Bitcoin blockchain, sending such a message only incurs a one-time small fee, while reading and verifying the data for that message is free forever (never incurring Catenis service credit costs).  The majority of our services accessed through our APIs are always free, some of these include, reading messages, setting and looking up permissions, using notifications services, and so on. The per-service cost is very limited to only a handful of API calls (please see the service cost section). This makes Catenis an extremely cost-effective platform for our customers. Catenis off-chain messages are costs comparable to any API SMS messaging service. However, unlike SMS our messages are guaranteed, encrypted, blockchain logged, independently auditable, real-time, contain read confirmation, notification of receipts and more powerful than alternative systems.

In this section, let’s review your service account. Navigate to your service account by clicking on the service account button on the left nav or on the dashboard page when you first log in (see figure 34)

Figure 33a

This page provides access to your current Catenis credit balance(see figure 34):

  1. View Catenis service Credit account balance
  2. Add additional Catenis service credits via BCOT tokens and/or
  3. Redeem Catenis vouchers purchased online via credit cards, cryptocurrency or corporate contract
  4. View your billing report

Funding Your Account with Catenis Service Credits

Catenis service credits can be purchased at There are two ways to fund your account with Catenis service credits (see figure 34). 

The first is to use Catenis Credit Vouchers. Credit vouchers are one-time use codes that you receive when you purchase Catenis credits

The second way is to fund your account with BCOT tokens, these are security tokens that Blockchain of Things sold during its token sale and can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Figure 33b
Figure 34

Using Catenis Credit Vouchers to Fund Your Account

Click “REDEEM  VOUCHERS” to redeem previously purchased Catenis credit vouchers(see figure 34). You can purchase these using your credit card, using cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin) or you will receive them if you have secured a corporate contract with Blockchain of Things, Inc.

You will be presented with a “Redeem Catenis Voucher Dialogue box (see figure 35):

  1. Enter the codes in the box, if the user has more than one voucher ID you can enter one per line or separate each voucher ID by a comma.
Figure 35

Using BCOT Tokens to Fund Your Account

Click the “SEND BCOT” to add Catenis credits to the account using BCOT tokens you own (see figure 36). 

Simply send the BCOT Tokens to the address provided, and you will receive Catenis credits (see figure 35). This screen will monitor the incoming tokens. Once the tokens are received, the screen will update and display the number of tokens that have been received under the unconfirmed column. The actual credits will only be updated (show up in your account) after one blockchain confirmation (typically 10 minutes).  Use your Omnilayer wallet to send the BCOT Tokens to the address provided or by scanning the QR code to retrieve the payment address. All BCOT Tokens that your account receives will be consumed and converted to Catenis credits.

Figure 36

Billing and Message History Report

You will then be presented with the billing report screen. This screen allows you to filter all reports by device and time interval (see figure 37).

  1. To filter the history, click the “Reset Filter” button
  2. To see a specific report, click on the report’s “date” link
Figure 37

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