Notification Services

Blockchain of Things built Catenis with a powerful notification services layer to allow a virtual device to receive a real-time message notifying that a given predefined event has taken place. Such predefined events are referred to as “Notification Events”. Catenis notifications are conveyed by means of Notification Messages, the contents of which vary according to the Notification Event. For an application to be able to receive a notification event, the virtual devices associated with the application needs to have a notification channel open. This notification channel needs to remain active as all notifications are delivered in real-time. The Catenis notifications events are the following:

New-msg-received – A new message has been received Sent-msg-read – Previously sent message has been read by the intended receiver (target application/device) Asset-received – A given amount of a catenis smart asset (tokens) has been received Asset-confirmed – An amount of an asset that was pending due to an asset transfer has been confirmed Final-msg-progress – Progress of asynchronous message processing has come to an end Asset-export-outcome – Progress of Asset export processing has come to an end Asset-migration-outcome – Progress of Asset migration processing has come to an end nf-asset-issuance-outcome – Non-fungible asset issuance has been finalized nf-token-received – One or more non-fungible tokens have been received nf-token-confirmed – One or more non-fungible tokens that were pending due to a non-fungible token transfer has been confirmed nf-token-retrieval-outcome – Non-fungible token retrieval has been finalized nf-token-transfer-outcome – Non-fungible token transfer has been finalized

Note: A message will only trigger the Sent-msg-read event if it has been sent with a read confirmation and the target virtual device allows a read message notifications to be sent back to the origin virtual device. Ensure your permission right are set correctly on the target device.

For detailed specifications on the notifications API and associated method see the latest release of the Catenis developer documentation here:

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