Pilot Development Kit
Keep your costs in line, and reduce resistance to adopting new technology
" Failure to launch a pilot project can be a major setback for companies trying to use innovation to compete or lead in their market. Marketing leaders must follow design thinking and agile principles to turn an idea into real value."
-Steps to Execute Innovation Pilot Projects, Gartner

Catenis Pilot Development Kit (PDK) Version 0.6

Price: USD 25,000

Blockchain of Things, created Catenis Enterprise (“Catenis”) to facilitate developers and organizations who wish to quickly integrate Bitcoin blockchain capabilities into their software, devices, systems, machines, sensors, and other enterprise-scale applications.

The Catenis PDK is a version of our full Catenis Enterprise product. It is a set of hosted APIs on a cloud implementation of our Catenis hub, available for prototyping and testing. The Catenis PDK provides access to the full set of APIs and integration services of Catenis Enterprise. It integrates with Bitcoin TestNet creating a sandbox environment for worry free development.

Catenis provides a Layer Two approach that removes technical hurdles associated with blockchain integration, and delivers ease-of-use enhancements via standard web service API’s for system messaging, notary services and end-node security.

Catenis allows organizations to rapidly leverage the Bitcoin blockchain for enhanced security and reduced costs for global decentralized secured messaging and device communications.

Set of hosted API’s for prototyping and testing

PDK Features:

12 month service subscription includes:

Additional Blockchain of Things Professional Services Available (Ask us about our Early Adopters Program)

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Blockchain of Things, Inc. is the leader in blockchain integration technology. Creating enterprise-class security infrastructure software leveraging the capabilities of a cryptographic blockchain using the Catenis Enterprise™ platform.

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