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Catenis makes it simple to retrieve messages logged to the Bitcoin blockchain or that have been sent to target applications/devices. It removes the need to know where the content is stored or any of the difficult technical details required to interact with the blockchain. A developer only needs to make one RESTful service call to the Read Message API and Catenis takes care of everything else. When a “read message” method is used, the following happens in this order:

Note: Catenis Encrypted messages sent to target applications/devices can only be read by the application/device which received it. This is because messages get dynamically encrypted with the target applications public key and only the target application possesses the private key to decrypt the data. See “Ephemeral Tunnel Technology” section

  1. Checks the effective permissions to see if requesting Catenis virtual device has the authority to read content requested.
  2. Retrieves the Bitcoin transaction based on the message ID (link here).
  3. Parses the Bitcoin transaction to retrieve the message content or the IPFS hash if the message’s content if it is larger than 75 bytes.
  4. Retrieves the encrypted content from IPFS using its hash (if the content is stored on the IPFS).
  5. Decrypts the content.
  6. Delivers the content in JSON format as a response to the read method RESTful web service call.

Note: The IPFS hash of the Message Content placed in the bitcoin transactions is base56 encoded.

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