Managing Shared API Access for Virtual Devices

When a Virtual Device is created Catenis will automatically assign a device ID and a unique API Access Secret to the device at the device level (see the section titled “Creating and Managing Virtual Devices”).  Using both the Device ID and API Access Secret will allow you to communicate with our APIs. As a convenience, the system allows the capability to assign an account level Shared API Access Secret to virtual devices when a new virtual device is created. You have to specifically set each virtual device to use the Shared API Access Secret.  Otherwise, it will automatically assign a unique API Access Secret to each virtual device upon creation. At any time, a customer can choose to reset either the account level Shared API Access Secret or assign a new non-shared device level API Access Secret.

Note: Account-level shared device Access Secrets can cause new users a bit of confusion. Click into your device’s ID to see how your virtual device is set. The system defaults to using unique devices Access Secret for each device upon creation. If you are getting a connectivity error, first ensure you have not chosen the Client level Shared Access Secret instead of the automatically generated unique device-level Access Secret without configuring your new devices to share API Access secrets. You will always have a device level unique Access Secret unless overridden

Admin Account Dashboard

The “API ACCESS” link will navigate to the API access page.

Two options will be presented (see figure 21)

API Access Page

1. Click the “SHARED API ACCESS SECRET” button to access the shared API Access Secret. A window will display with the shared API access secret along with the option to reset the secret if required (see figure 22)

The option to reset the API access secret can be performed by simply clicking the “RESET API ACCESS SECRET” button (see figure 22).

Figure 22

This will lead to the screen in figure 23. Confirm the request by typing in the words “Yes, I do confirm it” and clicking the “confirm” button. 

To reset the API access secret across all devices that share one secret entire to check the box “Use new shared API access secret to reset the API access secret for all devices” if desired.

NOTE: this will only affect the devices created that were assigned up to this point. Any newly created devices will require you to associate the shared API access secret upon device creation.

Figure 23

After clicking confirm you can check your new access secret by clicking the “Shared API Access Secret” button again.

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