Catenis Flow 3.0.2 supports off-chain transaction messages, SegWit and drag-and-drop capabilities.

Own BCOT tokens? You can fund your account directly with BCOT tokens and get Catenis Credits.
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Catenis Development Credit

50 Development Catenis Credits


Add an addition 50 starter plan service credits to your starter subscription plan. Each service credit is equivalent to *~35 layer two off-chain messages. 50 Catenis Credits is *1,750 off-chain messages.  To learn more on how to fund your account after receiving your purchased credits see Funding Your Account with Catenis Service Credits

*Based on the cost of a current Catenis off-chain message

**If you own BCOT Tokens you can use them to fund your account directly to receive Catenis Service Credits

In stock (can be backordered)