Smart Assets Overview (Tokens & NFTs)

Catenis Fungible and Non-Fungible Smart Asset (typically referred to as tokens and NFTs) protocols are built around the original concept of encoding tokens within the Bitcoin protocol, commonly referred to as colored coins.

An asset protocol is a method used to represent and manage identifiable units (tokens) with the Bitcoin Blockchain. Bitcoin’s scripting language allows the encoding of identifiable information into the blockchain along with performing transactions. Assets (tokens) are transferred within a bitcoin transaction that has additional information identifying it as a specific unit of its own. The encoded information allows systems to distinguish each type of token, its quantity, and any details that have been encoded. Tokens can represent stocks, bonds, promises, real estate, art, gold, transaction information, etc. Once these real-world assets are included in the blockchain, they are immutable, easy to transfer, transparent, and secure.

These fungible and Non-Fungible Smart Assets are tokens that live on and are transferred across the Bitcoin Blockchain. Combined with intelligent edge-node programs (Smart Contracts), they can trigger actions and events and act as intelligent inputs to robust business conditions for execution. Smart Assets can also represent a physical entity, such as art, real estate, gold, pharmaceutical products, etc., recorded on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

The Catenis platform further expands its capabilities beyond the traditional scope of tokens by allowing clients to have their digital assets travel across different blockchains. This is accomplished by empowering our customers to create Smart Assets easily and giving them the ability to transfer these assets along with their content outside the Catenis platform to other blockchains. Currently, Catenis supports three popular blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon POS Chain.

Additionally, the Catenis Non-Fungible Assets (NFAs) capabilities go beyond the typical NFT functionality, allowing our customers more flexibility with their assets. When minting an NFA, you will have the ability to set many metadata properties and extend with custom metadata properties of the Non-Fungible Tokens. Custom metadata and NFT payload can also be encrypted. For an overview, see Non-Fungible Asset at this link.

Catenis provides all of the robust functionality that one would expect when minting Smart Assets (tokens and NFTs), such as issuing and reissuing assets, transferring assets, listing the owners of these assets, retrieving asset issuance history, and much more.

Note: For detailed developer specifications on the Fungible Asset Issuance and management API and associated methods, see the latest release of the Catenis Developer documentation here:

Note: To see a full list of the functionalities of Catenis’ Non-Fungible Assets and Tokens, please visit our developer API documentation here:

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