Smart Contracts

A Smart Contract is a computer program intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a digital contract (conditions) while allowing cryptographic verifications of inputs and conditional responses. With Catenis web services platform, Smart Contracts can now run on computers and systems on the edge-network, known as edge computing. Smart Contracts can be executed at the speed of the edge computer processor and compiled to protect the intellectual property of the contract.

Customers can quickly create Smart Contracts using the Catenis APIs, Catenis Flow, or Catneis Client for WordPress Plugin. They can be written in any modern programming language. Instead of being limited to receiving and reacting to a native cryptocurrency or token as is the case with present smart contacts platforms, Catenis Smart contacts allow a complete range of flexibility. Catenis Smart Contracts have the ability to react to any standard programming input in addition to any Catenis Messages or Catenis Smart Assets (tokens) it receives. These inputs can then invoke any of the Catenis API functionalities which allow automated interactions with the blockchain, thereby empowering our customers to build robust Smart Contracts functionality which is not possible with current first and second-generation limited Smart Contracts technologies available today.

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