What is Catenis Flow?

Catenis Flow is a Node-RED browser-based visual blockchain application assembly platform for building business applications with Bitcoin blockchain technology. It is an intuitive and code-free pallet based on Node-RED. Node-RED is a flow-based development tool for visual programming. It was originally developed exclusively for wiring together hardware devices, APIs, and online services. Today it is an open-source project supported by an ever-growing number of companies and communities of developers. 

For enterprises who wish to design great applications or just a proof-of-concept, Catenis Flow’s second layer technology enables enterprises to do so without hiring  expensive experts. You can use it to conduct Visio-style process mapping, leaving the background details up to Catenis and Node-RED. 

You can also quickly build enterprise-grade blockchain applications by wiring together blockchain connectivity packaged in drag-and-drop nodes. This means that customers can now spend more time and resources creating solutions that target the business value of blockchain and less on the development process needed to build disruptive decentralized solutions. With Catenis Flow, you can reduce your design and development phase by an average of 70%. With integration efforts reduced to an average of 85%.

Furthermore, Catenis Flow empowers companies to use the public Bitcoin blockchain by leveraging transaction data at a global footprint, deliver content of any size with the ability to permission, and secure systems across the world represented by public Bitcoin addresses. With millisecond transaction speeds, military-grade encryption, and the ability to issue and transfer Smart Assets, Intelligent Contracts are now unleashed. Blockchain of Things, Inc. understands that individual business requirements are very particular and contextual, and hence keeps expanding on its range of blockchain node connectors while the active Node-RED community continues to deliver thousands of connectivity modules. Together, this forms an extensive library of powerful drag and drop building blocks that enhance the power of Catenis Flow. This combination is perfectly suited to rapidly deploy prototypes or enterprise-ready applications for both large and small companies alike.

For instructions on how to install Node-RED locally on your computer, go to https://nodered.org/docs/getting-started/

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