What is Catenis?

Catenis makes integrating with and building apps enabled with Bitcoin blockchain functionality easily. While most believe that they can only use the Bitcoin blockchain for sending and receiving Bitcoins (Something that Catenis does NOT do). Catenis expands the capabilities of the Bitcoin blockchain through an innovative second-layer technology that allows app developers to harness the power of the world’s most powerful blockchain. It ushers in the de facto decentralized computing network and app-building ecosystem, eliminating the requirement to use bitcoins while using the Bitcoin blockchain. Catenis runs as a second layer protocol and is accessed via web services technology. Second layer technologies and protocols sit on top of a base layer, which in our case is the Bitcoin blockchain. Catenis makes the Bitcoin blockchain and its associated protocols easier to interact with and more powerful. Catenis enhances many of the underlying services of the Bitcoin blockchain while adding enterprise-ready features. Catenis makes building apps or integrating existing apps with the Bitcoin blockchain faster, cheaper, and easier. Catenis’ web services layer facilitates peer-to-peer communication, governance applications, chain-of-custody solutions, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and highly secure messaging. It allows organizations to innovate faster, improve business agility, and increase efficiency while creating a clear competitive advantage while providing significant cost reductions. The robust nature of the blockchain facilitates the secure flow and storage of information and the creation and transference of digital assets (tokens, documents, songs, movies, and more) across peer-connected applications, systems, and devices. Catenis allows customers to fully engage in the power of this global, highly fault-tolerant, cryptographically secured network with ease by providing a complete blockchain integration platform.

The addition of numerous blockchain enhancements across this second layer protocol adds many needed features such as military-grade encryption, notification services, the ability to implement access controls across apps represented by blockchain addresses. This is all done while using Bitcoin public addresses and recording interactions across the input/output system of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Advantages of Using Catenis

  • No knowledge of blockchain or crypto is required
  • Contains drag and drop interface to build apps (with Catenis Flow and Catenis Blocks) for non-developers
  • Contains powerful APIs for developers
  • Adds easy to implement peer-to-peer messaging and content logging on the blockchain
  • Allows users to issue, distribute, transfer, and track Smart Assets (tokens)
  • Imposes no limits on message size (documents, movies, CAD files, etc.) for both messaging and logging
  • All data is encrypted (clear data is optional)
  • Transactions across apps can be permissioned
  • Powerful notification event system for real-world solutions and much more!

To facilitate integration with the global Bitcoin blockchain for business solutions, Catenis employs an advanced credit system technology – called the Catenis Credits – this technology abstracts all Bitcoins, so customers do not need to purchase, store, or secure Bitcoins. This Catenis Credit technology is how our customers pay for usage and allows our customers not to have to interact with bitcoins or the Bitcoin fee market. The Catenis Credit technology encodes credits across the decentralized Bitcoin blockchain allowing the blockchain to maintain the credits for applications built using the Catenis Platform. The underlying technology offloads the complexities of creating transactions and paying fees in Bitcoin, eliminating all risks associated with purchasing and maintaining custody of Bitcoins. This functionality results in a zero risk, zero liability approach to building Bitcoin blockchain applications. Additionally, it adds a layer of resilience for Catenis enabled applications by distributing and securing the credits across the global Bitcoin blockchain. No central points of attack or failure exist, so applications remain up and fault-tolerant.

Due to employing the advanced Catenis Credit technology, the Catenis platform is NOT suitable for the following types of blockchain applications:

  • Wallet Apps for sending and receiving Bitcoins (transactions)
  • Bitcoin payment apps
  • Centralized or decentralized exchanges

Note: If you are considering building a solution that uses tokens / NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) such as a wallet for tokens or issuance and transmission of such tokens or NFTs, then Catenis is the proper choice.

Bitcoins are used only at the foundational layer of the system across the Bitcoin peer network. To make integration easier, our customers never come into contact with Bitcoins, and these Bitcoins are never exposed through the Catenis web services layers. However, customers can issue, transfer, and build applications that interact with the tokens they create on our platform. Examples include applications for incentive rewards, rare collectibles (Non-Fungible Tokens), wallet applications for tokens, or applications that trigger interesting functionality once a token is received. Additionally, Catenis can be used for peer-to-peer transmission and/or logging content of any type or size.

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